How do I?
take care of a warrant for my arrest?

Municipal Courts in Marysville, Everett and Edmonds are offering an original new program that will allow defendants to have their warrants recalled and new hearings set.  This will eliminate the need for defendants to travel from court to court to quash or clear a warrant.  The program starts April 3, 2006, and is available only if the bench warrant is recallable.

People who currently have an outstanding bench warrant are eligible, and can drop by any of the three participating municipal courts during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Clearing a bench warrant with the three courts will require a personal appearance at any one of the three courts, a one-time payment of $50, (cash only) and a signature promising to appear at your next hearing.

For additional information, you may contact any one of the three courts at the address or phone number listed below.

Everett Municipal Court - 3028 Wetmore Ave. Everett WA (425) 257-8778.
Edmonds Municipal Court - 250 5th Ave. N. Edmonds WA (425) 771-0210 
Marysville Municipal Court - City Hall, 1049 State Ave. Ste 305 Marysville WA (360) 363-8050  (Marysville also provides court services to the cities of Arlington and Lake Stevens.)

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