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Sidewalk Maintenance
Sidewalk repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner, occupant or agent. This includes the removal of snow and ice. Snow and ice are to be removed by noon. See City of Everett Municipal Code 13.08.010-020.

Request Service
To request service, fill out and send a service request online or call us at 425 257-8800.

Sidewalk Replacement Program
Public Works partners with business and residential property owners to repair and replace sidewalks with City labor and equipment if the property owner pays for the cost of materials.

For low-income, senior, or disabled residents that conform to RCW 84.35.381, 383 and 74.18.020, sidewalks will be replaced at no cost.

The Public Works staff will make contact with the property owner, give an estimate of materials cost and prioritize the projects needing repair. City staff will work with property owners to temporarily repair the sidewalk until permanent repairs can be made.

Due to the high number of requests we get for this popular service, the waiting time may be as long as eight years. If you anticipate needing a sidewalk repair, make your request as early as possible to get on the waiting list.

Property owners are encouraged to repair or replace their sidewalks through other process or at their own expense.

Contact us at to find out the status of a sidewalk repair that you have already requested.

Contact Info:

Everett Public Works Dept.
3200 Cedar St.
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8800
F: 425-257-8882
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