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The goal of the Investigations Division is to bring to justice all those who, by their deeds, would attempt to bring harm to our community. Investigators work closely with the victims of crime and with local, county and federal prosecutors.

The Investigations Division is divided into separate units that work to follow up on major incidents and prepare cases for presentation in court.

For General Investigations questions,
please call (425) 257-8407.
For emergencies call 911!


Collision Investigation

The Collision Investigation Unit investigates all traffic collisions to their logical conclusion. These include: traffic fatalities, vehicular homicides, vehicular assaults, felony hit & runs and those collisions that need to be reconstructed for purposes of civil proceedings. Two detectives assigned to this unit.

Click here for FAQ’s about traffic collisions.

Computer Investigations

The Computer Investigations Division works to recover evidence and other valuable data out of computer media devices to aid in criminal investigations.

The goals of Computer Investigations is to collect, preserve and search computer media without changing or harming the original evidence and to find all relevant facts involved in the criminal investigations that now, or ever have, existed on the computer.

Criminal Intelligence

The mission of the Everett Police Department Criminal Intelligence Unit is to collect, organize, analyze, maintain and disseminate information on activities and operations of individuals, associates or groups suspected of, or involved in, criminal activity.

The goal of the Everett Police Department Criminal Intelligence Unit is to apply its resources and coordinate with other units, divisions and law enforcement agencies to prevent and discourage the presence of organized criminal activities within the community.

Major Crimes

The Mission of the Major Crimes Unit is to investigate all violent crimes against persons, which include the investigation and management of missing person’s cases, runaway youth and inactive homicide files.

The Major Crimes Unit deals with crimes of violence. These crimes include: homicide, robbery, assaults (both felony and misdemeanor), missing persons, harassment and any other cases that may be assigned.

The Major Crimes Unit is comprised of one sergeant, six detectives, one police specialist and an administrative assistant.

Property Crimes

The Property Crimes Unit focuses on the repressible crimes of theft, burglary and possession of stolen property, fraud and acts of vandalism and arson. Working closely with other personnel throughout the police department and the community, the unit strives to identify those responsible for these acts, pursue successful prosecution of them and recover property and enable restitution for victims when appropriate.

The unit is comprised of one sergeant, eight detectives and one administrative assistant. The unit is divided into four distinct specialties: fraud and financial crime, auto theft, burglary/theft/vandalism and pawns. The detectives are routinely assigned cases according to their specialty. However, the unit members often work together on situations that require the focus and effort of the entire unit.

Click here for information on auto theft.

Special Assault

The Special Assault Unit investigates cases involving physical and sexual abuse of children and adults. The Special Assault Unit also manages the Registered Sexual Offender Program.

The Special Assault Unit seeks the highest level of successful prosecution through a victim-oriented investigative process.

Investigative Process
Perhaps the most disturbing crimes encountered in modern society are those with child victims. Officers assigned to the Special Assault Unit strive to work in a professional and empathetic manner with children, parents, medical authorities and counselors.

After determining that a crime has been committed and is to be investigated, the supervisor of the Special Assault Unit assigns the case to a detective.

An important part of these investigations is the child interview. These interviews are held in a warm environment that appeals to children. The detectives strive to gather information that will complete the investigation while providing emotional support to the child and the family involved.

Each investigation follows a unique course. The time required for each investigation can vary greatly. Parents and children can be assured that the child's well-being is of primary importance to these law enforcement professionals.


Contact Info:

Investigations Division
3002 Wetmore Ave
T: 425-257-8407
F: 425-257-6503
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