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Transfer of Development Rights

The City of Everett is designated a metropolitan city and regional growth center by the Vision 2040 regional growth and transportation strategy.  As such, the City is expected to experience significant growth in population and employment as part of the regional growth strategy and must identify areas where more intensive land uses may help to accommodate growth.  One means of attracting and accommodating higher density growth to the City may be a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program.  Such programs are a valuable tool to conserve scarce agricultural lands, preserve the rural character, guide growth to urban areas and stimulate redevelopment in targeted areas in many parts of the country, as well as ongoing programs that have proved effective in the Puget Sound region. 

An Economic Feasibility Analysis is underway to determine if a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program will be an effective tool to encourage future development for the City.   The City has received a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency administered by Washington State Department of Commerce and the Puget Sound Regional Council to perform the study. The purpose of the analysis is to determine if the City of Everett can or should develop a TDR program that would accept development rights (credits) purchased from agricultural and forest lands in Snohomish, and perhaps King and Pierce County, through the region's Central Puget Sound Transfer of Development Rights program.

In preparing the analysis, Planning staff and their consultant team have identified potential receiving areas for the transfer of development rights.  Included in the analysis is an evaluation of residential and mixed use zoned properties for potential increased densities, other potential TDR incentives such as reduced parking, increased heights, and increased FAR (floor area ratio).   Some of the areas examined include Evergreen Way, Broadway, 19th Avenue SE, SW Everett, and the Everett Station area.

Also included in the analysis are potential TDR scenarios for several selected potential receiving area sites on properties where there is a potential for use of TDR.  Several development scenarios have been prepared representing typical sites in the selected areas and zoning classifications.

Contact Info:
Jim Hanson
Planning Department
2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8731
F: 425-257-8742

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