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Zoning Code

The City’s land-use regulations can be found in Title 2.23, Land Use Hearing Examiner; Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures; Title 18, Land Division; Title 19, Zoning; and Title 20.04, Environmental Policy in the Everett Municipal Code (EMC). 

Title 19, Zoning Code

1    Title and Purpose
2    Legal Effect and Applicability
3    User Guide
4    Zoning Code Definitions
5    Use Tables
6    Development Standards Table
7    Small Lots, Duplexes, Accessory Buildings
8-14 Reserved
15   Multiple-Family Development Standards
15A  Unit Lot Subdivisions
16   Clinic and Office Overlay Zones
17-21   Reserved
22   Zone B-3 Regulations
23   Zone W-C Regulations
24   Zone M-S Regulations
25   Zone C-2ES Regulations
26   Zone M-2 Regulations
27   Zone M-1 Regulations
28   Zone M-M Regulations
29   Planned Development Overlay Zone
30   Floodplain Overlay Districts and Regulations
30A  Watershed Resource Management Zone
31   Design Overlay Zone
31A  Broadway Mixed-Use Zone
31B  E-1 (Evergreen Way) and MUO (Mixed-Use Overlay) Zones
32   Planned Residential Development Overlay Zone
33   Historic Overlay Zone
33A  Public Park Zone
33B  Institutional Overlay Zone
33D  Shoreline Overlay District
33E  Aquatic Zone
33F  Open Space Zone
33G  Core Residential Development and Design Standards
33H  Mobilehome Park Overlay Zone
34   Off-Street Parking—Loading Requirements
35   Landscaping and Screening Requirements
36   Signs
37   Critical Areas
38   Nonconforming Structures, Uses and Lots
39   General Provisions
40   Assurance Devices
41   Administration
43   Validity
45   Annual Report


Contact Info:
Planning Department
2930 Wetmore Ave. Ste. 8-A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8731
F: 425-257-8742

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