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Violation Complaints

It is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Unit to work in partnership with Everett residents to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.

The Code Enforcement Unit helps maintain or improve the quality of Everett’s community in the following ways:

  • By enforcing laws and codes targeted to solve specific problems in Everett communities, including rubbish and nuisances, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles on private property, violation of land use conditions, substandard or dangerous buildings and noxious vegetation. 
  • By working with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies and other City of Everett departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes, empowering neighborhoods to participate in keeping problem areas cleaned up, developing ways to solve recurring problems and nuisances, involving representatives from all affected groups, and establishing community priorities for cleanup projects.
Filing a complaint
To file a formal complaint with the Code Enforcement Unit: Download the Code Violation Complaint form, complete and return via fax (425-257-8569) or by e-mail to Code Enforcement Officers are assigned to investigate all allegations and will attempt to visit the site within two business days to confirm that a violation exists.  Officers will contact property owner to discuss the violation and actions needed to remedy the situation. Usually, property owners are unaware of the regulations and voluntarily fix the problem within a reasonable timeframe. The average time to fix a violation is under two weeks, but complicated situations may take up to a year (or more) to correct.  Please be patient!

An alternative to filing a formal complaint is contacting the property owner or using resources from your Neighborhood Association. 

According to the Everett Municipal Code (EMC), the following are violations if visible from a street, alley or public or private property:
  • Junk, trash, litter, boxes, discarded lumber or salvage materials.
  • Attractive nuisances dangerous to children.
  • Broken or discarded furniture, household equipment or furnishings.
  • Shopping carts in the front yard, side yard, rear yard or vacant lot on your property, which is zoned residential by the City.
  • Dead, decayed, diseased or otherwise hazardous trees or vegetation and vegetation that is more than 42 inches high (not including vegetation located in flower beds).
  • Grass that is more than 12 inches high.
  • Graffiti on a building, fence or other structure.
  • Articles of personal property and vehicle parts that are discarded or left in a state of partial construction or repair.
  • Utility trailers or unmounted camper tops in the front yard (unless in the driveway).
  • Cars that are wrecked, taken apart, or inoperable (unless stored or parked lawfully and fenced in connection with the business of a licensed dismantler or licensed vehicle dealer).


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