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Special Assault Unit

The Special Assault Unit investigates cases involving physical and sexual abuse of children and adults. The Special Assault Unit also manages the Registered Sexual Offender Program.

The Special Assault Unit seeks the highest level of successful prosecution through a victim-oriented investigative process.

Investigative Process
Perhaps the most disturbing crimes encountered in modern society are those with child victims. Officers assigned to the Special Assault Unit strive to work in a professional and empathetic manner with children, parents, medical authorities and counselors.

After determining that a crime has been committed and is to be investigated, the supervisor of the Special Assault Unit assigns the case to a detective.

An important part of these investigations is the child interview. These interviews are held in a warm environment that appeals to children. The detectives strive to gather information that will complete the investigation while providing emotional support to the child and the family involved.

Each investigation follows a unique course. The time required for each investigation can vary greatly. Parents and children can be assured that the child's well being is of primary importance to these law enforcement professionals.



Contact Info:
Investigations Division
3002 Wetmore Ave
T: 425-257-8407
F: 425-257-6509

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