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Take a virtual tour of the Drinking Water Filtration Plant

Drinking water filtration plant:

Everett’s Drinking Water Filtration Plant uses advanced filtration processes to remove possible contaminants and takes steps to reduce the corrosiveness of the naturally soft water. Sodium hypochlorite (a chemical similar to chlorine bleach) is added to make sure the water is free of harmful organisms. Fluoride is also added for dental health purposes. 

Rain and snowmelt from the Sultan Basin are collected in the Spada Lake Reservoir. The water is then transported by gravity to the Lake Chaplain Reservoir which is adjacent to the Drinking Water Filtration Plant. Public access to the Lake Chaplain Reservoir is strictly prohibited.

The water that leaves Spada Lake Reservoir first flows through the Snohomish County PUD Jackson Hydroelectric Plant to make electricity for Snohomish County PUD. The water then flows back through a three-mile-long pipe to Lake Chaplain Reservoir. When the water reaches Lake Chaplain Reservoir, part of it is diverted and returned to the Sultan River to provide in-stream flow for fish.

Large transmission lines ranging from 48- to 51-inches in diameter carry water from the Drinking Water Filtration Plant to Everett. As the water travels to Everett, some water providers draw their water directly from the transmission lines. The rest of the water is delivered to large, covered storage reservoirs located throughout Everett. Other water providers draw their water from these reservoirs and pipe it to their individual service areas.

The water system works primarily by gravity. The Drinking Water Filtration Plant is located at a higher elevation than Everett so the water flows downhill in the transmission lines and builds up pressure along the way. Pump stations are located where needed.

Tours of the plant are available to the public by reservation only. To set up a tour, please contact the Public Works switchboard at 425-257-8800.


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