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Historic Places

The Everett Historical Commission established the Everett Register program in 1988 as a way to encourage preservation of Everett's heritage and to honor those who have cared for Everett's old buildings.

The criteria for placement on the Everett Register require that:
1) The property is 50 years old or older.
2) The property is significant to Everett's history, architecture, or cultural heritage.
3) The property retains sufficient historic character to reflect the history of the community.

Some of the properties that meet these criteria are the restored Monte Cristo Hotel at 1507 Wall, the childhood home of the late Sen. Jackson at 3602 Oakes Ave. and the small Caroline Cottage at 2617 Harrison.

Placement on the Everett Register is primarily an honor, but it does obligate the owner to consult with the Historical Commission before commencing major work on the property.  The consultation is advisory only.  Prior to demolition of a Register property, an owner must request a waiver from the Historical Commission.

To encourage rehabilitation of historic properties, the Everett Historical Commission may grant Special Valuation, a property tax break, to Everett Register property owners who complete a certified rehabilitation.

The Everett Register:

1. Krieger Laundry, 2808 Hoyt Avenue
2. Culmback Building, 3013 Colby Avenue 
3. Stovies Stove Shop Building, 1922 Hewitt Avenue             
4. Moffat Building, 1908 Hewitt Avenue  
5. Evergreen Building, 1909 Hewitt Avenue 
6. Everett Downtown Storage, 3001 Rucker Avenue
7. Morrow Building, 2823 Rockefeller   
8. Killien House, 5214 South 2nd Avenue 
9. Van Valey Home, 2130 Colby Avenue   
10. Howard Home, 3410 Snohomish Avenue 
11. Hartmann House, 1012 Grand Avenue  
12. Caroline Cottage, 2617 Harrison    
13. Clark Park, 2400 Lombard      
14. Jackson House, 3602 Oakes     
15. Monte Cristo, 1507 Wall    
16. 8th Street District, 3100 Block 8th   
17. Port Gardner Building, 2802 Wetmore  
18. Commerce Building, 1801 Hewitt Ave.   
19. Swalwell Cottage  2712 Pine       
20. Ray Fosheim House,2017 26th Avenue    
21. Donovan District, Rockefeller, Oakes & Lombard  
22. Sahlinger-Muck, 2319 Colby Avenue  
23. McCabe Bldg., 3120 Hewitt Avenue  
24. Agnew House, 2301 Rucker Avenue  
25. Austin House, 2201 Rucker Avenue   
26. Blackman House, 2208 Rucker Avenue 
27. Fratt Mansion, 1725 Grand Avenue     
28. Widgren House, 2125 Virginia Avenue   
29. Winter House, 1631 Grand Avenue   


Contact Info:
Jan Meston, specialist
2930 Wetmore Ave. Suite 8-A
T: 425-257-7164
F: 425-257-8742

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